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Discover the Stillness Within

Helping people to connect with their essence and the stillness and silence that rests within through one-to-one sessions, in-person/virtual classes, meditation dinners, and as a guest speaker.

The daily challenges of life can cause stress, anxiety, fear, and overwhelm all while having an impact on our relationships, work-life, emotions, along with our mental and physical bodies. Do you wake up at night with thoughts racing? Do you long for some peace? Stillness? Emotional freedom?

Let's get meditated! Connect with the essence of who you are and learn how to de-stress with easy tools and techniques. Bring in more peace, more calm, more clarity and live a more heart centered life. Slow the swirl and be more present in your own life and with loved ones with the mindfulness gained through meditation.

With much love,


Meditation is a tool to awaken the soul.

When I was young meditation came naturally, however it was not consistent and I became more of a crisis meditator. Until crisis and trauma actually hit. A series of events left me in pain and in what some call, "dark nights of the soul." Healing my own heart became a journey of self-discovery that awakened my soul and eventually lead me to becoming a Certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher in 2021 and graduate of the advanced training, Deeper Still, in 2023.

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How to work with me.

One to One

Looking for a customizable meditation experience? Virtual or in-person (Greater Boise area) could be right for you.

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Starting this fall, we will offering online learning with a community of people just like you!

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In-Home Class

You provide the space and invite your friends for a rejuvenating in-home meditation experience.

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Guest Speaker

Do you have special employee event or professional gathering coming up? Give the gift of a little less stress and a little more calm.

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Meditation Dinners

A truly unique experience - in collaboration with Chef Matt Lambert, we offer a unique opportunity to entertain friends and family, learn about meditation,  while having dinner prepared for you! Intrigued? Click below to learn more!

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"Meditation was not something I did on a regular basis, it was difficult for me to slow my mind down enough to get the value of meditating.  But through Brandi I have learned how to shut out things (noises, bad vibrations, tension) and allow emotional freedom and acceptance of the present moment.  Meditation has given me so much peace in my life, a safe place I know I can always go to. I'm much clearer about things in my life which have been frustrating. Now I have techniques to deal with them. Even learning to slow my breathing down with each inhale and exhale is so calming.  This has been such a blessing."

- Dede M.

Mesa, AZ

"Attending Brandi's meditation class was a transformative experience for me as a highly driven female. Her insightful guidance and calming presence created an atmosphere where I could truly unwind, disconnect from the chaos, and reconnect with myself. This is something I really had a hard time doing in past meditation experiences. It was one of the most informative and rejuvenating meditation sessions I have ever had the pleasure of attending."

- Shelly Niehaus

Boise, ID

"Golden Alchemy Meditation has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to have a continuing meditation practice while also de-stressifying my life. Brandi is knowledgeable, loving and just an all around beautiful soul. If you are looking to start a meditation practice, Golden Alchemy Meditation is the place to start!"

- M. Preston L.

Caldwell, ID

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