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Meet Brandi

Certified Master of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher

The journey of finding myself has taken me down a winding road of laughter, pain, joy, sadness, excitement, stress, and anxiety...along with a myriad of other emotions...BIG and small. Consistently meditating has been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. It helped me heal my heart after a handful of years that consisted of my father's suicide, a heartbreaking divorce, the economy falling and loosing my business and filing bankruptcy, a miscarriage, and another suicide of someone close to my heart.

From 2002 to 2010, it felt like a continuous string of pain and trauma that was hard to overcome. Sleeping was inconsistent, my stress was high and I often felt like an empty crossroad in the middle of nowhere stood smack square in the center of my life. My days felt empty and isolated in spite of having people around that loved and supported me. As a single mom I had to keep it together for my sweetheart of a daughter and it was not always easy.

I was no stranger to meditation, but it was the consistency and ritual of meditation that helped me to start the healing process. Gradually, I started building a daily practice. Peeling back the layers and releasing the pain deep in my chest. As I welcomed more peace, calm, and love in...I gained a new perspective and started living a more mindful and heart centered life. That is what I want to help you do for yourself. Our journeys are all unique and messy and beautiful...and unexpected, the list goes on. Let me help you to ritualize meditation in your life. Feel the benefits and let them seep into every aspect of your emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Show up with more grace, more courage and live a more fulfilling life.



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