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Brandi & Matt Wolf-74.jpg

One to One

One to one mindfulness and meditation sessions. This is an individual journey through meditation, meeting you where you currently are and customized to your needs. These sessions are available in two - four times per month in 75 minute increments. This option is ideal for those that are serious about their practice and want to ritualize meditation for growth and personal transformation.

This is available in-person (Boise Idaho area) or virtual.

Packages start at $297 per month.

In-Home Classes

In-home classes are offered in the Greater Boise area in  a group format, or schedule a virtual class for those further away. This is a great way to explore meditation in a comfortable environment with friends and family.

There are endless themes to pick from and classes are two hours with tea and cookies afterwards (provided). Folders and worksheets are also included. There is a seven person minimum, host is FREE.

A few topic ideas: Just getting started, All about Chakras, Ho'opono opono and Heart Salutations,  and so much more.

Let's get meditated!

$39 per person

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Starting  this fall, 2023, we will be sharing opportunities to join in  on virtual meditation courses. If you do not know how to get started or what to do and want to connect (or reconnect) with a community of other people that want to add stillness and silence into their life, this could be for you. Learn how to connect to the essence of who you are, meditation myths that stop us from taking the time to meditate, tools and techniques that are easily adapted into regular life. Gradually, we will add more virtual learning opportunities. Is meditation calling you? How about lowering your stress and finding more peace in your life? Maybe you used to meditate but have let it fall away? Then click here to learn more about current and future events. 

Courses start at $149 

Looking for a Guest Speaker?

Give the gift of less stress to your employees, team, or listeners. Help them become more present, more engaged and handle unexpected situations with more grace and ease.

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Other Resources

There are many great resources out there for meditation. If you are still exploring and unsure where to start, Insight Timer is an App with 1000's of free meditations from teachers all over the world. Plus a timer with relaxing sounds.

If you would like to read some books to get you started, here are some suggestions:

Secrets to Meditation by davidji
Destressifying by davidji
Sacred Powers by davidji

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

For those that want an additional tool for meditation,  please visit Wanderlust Malas & Reiki. These are Reiki and Mantra infused malas that are truly beautiful. I am not an affiliate, just a fan.

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